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Investment Management



Clients deserve an investment approach customized to their specific needs, goals and overall mission. 

We take an evidence-based approach to investing, supporting our recommendations with data that clients will understand. 

We strive to simplify the complex by implementing an operationally efficient strategic asset allocation, that allows for tactical positioning and helps clients stay invested for the long-term.

Portfolios are constructed with cost-efficiency.

Personalized IPS

We customize an Investor Policy Statement based on your unique objectives, risk tolerance and personal desire to include or exclude any particular investments

Asset Allocation & Security Selection

We will help you decide appropriate asset class exposure and help choose securities including: Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Bonds (Treasuries, Corporates, Municipals) and Options strategies

Ongoing Monitoring & Rebalancing

We will continually monitor your portfolio and provide periodic rebalancing as part of a proper risk management program

Portfolio Review & Performance Measurement

We will track your investment performance relative to major benchmarks, providing you with reporting and analysis for ongoing decision-making

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