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Financial Planning

CFP Board 7-Step Planning Process

CFP Board 7-Step Planning Process

My diligent planning process will cover the major aspects of your financial life

Net Worth & Cash Flow Management

We've created a system to track your income and expenses, assets and liabilities.

This will give you critical decision making tools as you work towards your financial objectives.


Construct a portfolio with intention, allocating assets based on your risk tolerance and return objectives, with respect to your time horizon and personal goals.


Whether you’re in the accumulation or distribution phase, leverage appropriate strategies to provide for your financial independence.

Understand the role of complex government programs such as Social Security and Medicare.


Be mindful of tax-efficient opportunities within your financial ecosystem, including Roth conversions, tax loss harvesting, deductions and credits, taxable income control and asset location.

Risk Management

Right-size your emergency fund and consider risk mitigation tools such as life, disability and health insurance.

We will help you evaluate coverage relative to your personal financial risks, without being sold products.

Legacy Planning

Make an intentional plan to protect your family now and direct your assets later.

Review your account titling, beneficiary designations, wills, trusts, guardians, and powers of attorney.

Ensure your legacy is carried on per your wishes.


Calculate and plan for education costs, college financing opportunities and student loan repayment strategies.

Employee Benefits

Review your employee benefits package, qualified retirement plans, deferred compensation, and group insurance choices, to ensure you are taking full advantage.

Lifestyle Decisions

Prepare for major purchases, career transitions, relocation, marriage, children, caring for others, and whatever else the future may hold.

Proactive planning will help you make these decisions with confidence.

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